Sunday, June 21, 2009


uhm... we're hot...

This is one of those thermometers that register indoors ( 78.6 degrees) / outdoors (113.7 degrees) and humidity 47% thermometers. It's in my kitchen. Admittedly the temperature probe is in the sun. This was about 7 pm yesterday.

And this was on my front porch, shaded all day...

This was in the shade, down by the chicken pens:

And this was on the deck, in the sun, but at 8 pm...

Last night, after the sun was down, I walked outside for a bit. The earth positively radiated the heat of the day. We've had lots of rain, so everything was still steamy and moist.

I love nature, I really do. And I'm a spring and summer kinda girl... but when these heat waves come, it helps to have 'indoor' things to do and air conditioning to do it in.

July and August in South Carolina is amazingly, breath-takingly hot.
This is just the June 'trial run'...

Time to...

... rise early to get chores done.
... do heavy things and yard work in the late evening, almost dark hours.
...make a half gallon or so of fresh lemonade every morning and ice it down good, against the heat of the afternoon.
... plan meals of simple things, tomato sandwiches, egg salad, fresh fruit.
...break out a good book, or some sewing, or a quiet, indoor past-time too fill some afternoon hours.
... sit on the porch of an evening, with the aforementioned lemonade and rock, with your feet up, a dog panting underfoot, and the fireflies lighting the darkness.

Ya'll go make yourself some lemonade...

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  1. I love the collection of thermometers! When my summer urge for lemonade kicked in, CB and I went to the farmer's market near his house for lemons but came home with limes (10 for $1). Yum. Limeade! ~e