Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy birthday!

16 years ago, at one minute after noon, a little boy joined our family!

Actually, he wasn't very little at all. He was our 'biggest' baby, weighing in at 9 1/2 pounds.

He was a happy addition to the family, bringing with him the excitement and chaos that only a third child can bring. We now had more children than we had adults...

He brought to us that feeling of a 'full' family... of being complete.

He was a happy, carefree little man. Often full of mischief and fun, that holds true today.

As we had calmed down in our parenting style by the time he came along, we'd like to think that he got the 'best' parenting of the three. We had relaxed... we realized that everything would be fine and that the child would unfold as was part of the Divine plan for his life.
Admittedly, we had moved down the scale from homegrown organic babyfood entirely, to his having popcorn and Sprite for breakfast. (Yeah... we relaxed!)
He was active and full of energy. We spent more times in Emergency Rooms... we did more First Aid. We grew accustomed to both of those activities.

He was rambunctious and a free spirit. Active and with a wicked sense of humor, there have been few dull moments since he joined the clan.

For 16 years, we've watched and loved and encouraged this boy. For 16 years, he's brought us laughter and sweetness like no other. For 16 years, he's been our carefree 'wild one'.

His persistence far exceeds average. His intelligence and his use of it are a true gift.
A truly affectionate child, he has a tender side and a dedication to his home and family that is precious.

What he brings to our family is immeasurable.

For this time and for the future, we are grateful.

Happy Birthday, Son.

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  1. What a beautiful birthday tribute!!

    Your son is so cute! I'm showing him to my 17 yr old daughter! ;-)