Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yarn adventures!

Sometimes... no... pretty much all of the time, things are a bit crazy around here.

This is the story of the sock yarn.

My darling daughter has knit me several pair of lovely wool socks. Yes... I can knit my own socks and I have, but she gifts me these socks and I LOVE them. They feel and wear like no other socks in my lifetime and I adore the gift of time and effort and appreciate them more because I knit.

Ok, so last week, my happy and very busy daughter said "Mom, I need to wind some balls of yarn". Now folks, I have an amazing ball winder. Twas an extravagant gift from my husband. I offered to wind the yarn and return it to her. She demured at first, as the yarn was for socks for me. Her schedule leaves very little time for 'extra's and if I had not wound the yarn for her, this might have taken months. So, the fun yarn was revealed to me. This does not 'ruin' the surprise at all, only heightens the excitement!

So, I take the yarn home. I leave it on the hall stand in the entry hall. BIG mistake.
I have a cat who LOVES to 'knit' by taking any yarn (the more expensive it is the better he likes it) and unraveling it about the house. I have awakened to find yarn strung from 6 or 7 rooms, through every furniture leg, in and out of the stair stiles and even behind the fridge. I have LEARNED to avoid this by keeping my yarn under safe containment.

Not so the sock yarn.
So this is what I found the first morning:Oh, DEAR! OH NO! Horrors... What to do? What to do?

Darling daughter calls... "Can you bring me my yarn?"

"Oh, no dear... I haven't had time (especially since I have to detangle it)" "I'll get it to you early next week!"

Darling husband looks at it... He truly understands the knitting/sock think. He offers to help.

The boys both say the same thing. "Damn cat!" (It is entirely possible that the cat thinks that his name is Damn Cat, at least where the boys are concerned.)

So, here is what happened next:

PHEW! That went better than expected.

Then! Oh.... NO!!!!

Does he look guilty? Or is he perturbed that I have tidied up his 'cat knitting' project?

That is a rather accusatory expression!

Does he realize what trouble that I may be in!?

As of yet, Clancy, the cat, has not accomplished opening ziplock bags.
And just so as to not tempt the cat, the bag and the yarn were dispatched to the vehicle and promptly driven to the town where the yarn knitter resides.

As I write, it has been safely delivered, and until reading this post, the darling daughter knew nothing of the adventure.

Darling daughter,

I love the socks you knit for me... and will go to almost any lengths to assist you. In the future, I shall promise to protect any yarn entrusted to me from Clancy and his wiley ways.
Thank you for being an accomplished knitter, (makes me proud) and for sharing your talents (and your love) with me.



  1. Hehehe! Bad Cat! As long as the yarn isn't full of breaks and knots now, I'm sure it'll be just fine. I got a good giggle out of the know how I'm patient with yarn tangles. I'm glad you like the socks I make, and that you don't mind the extra-ordinary length of time it takes me to make a pair. Love, -e

  2. Not a break and no knots I could feel. and you know how I am NOT patient with yarn tangles.
    Turns out "Happy Feet" yarn is well secured in the skein, which was, I believe the saving grace to this tale.

  3. Hi Dawn,
    Just discovered I still had a Blog from 2007 (the year of the birth of "Lucy".) Guess I forgot all about my Blog. I was pulling up yours.
    Anyhow, reading your tale about the wool yarn for the socks, (which by the way even though "funny"... being a knitter/crocheter, it isn't funny)...reminded me that one of our grandsons and wife gave me three balls of wool yarn for Christmas and I don't know what to make with them...the yarn was not cheap (price accidently left)...socks is one idea...but, if you have any ideas, would love to hear them...the colors are redish, rustish, and orange...240 yards each.

    Love your certainly is never dull with children around.

  4. Flo, Socks are always nice, but nicer gift yarn made into a scarf/small shawl is more 'visible'.
    Something lacy makes quite a 'show'.

    Awoke this am to another bit of cat knitting...arggh.