Tuesday, March 3, 2009


March 9, 1989

In the wee hours of the morning, as spring began to show itself, we welcomed a little one. Our second child, our first son.

At 9 pounds 1 ounce, 21 1/2 inches long, born at 3:55 am, he entered our lives easily and quickly.
He was a surprising shade of green (yes, green) and was very thin and long. He was post mature, or quite late for a baby (at a good bit more than 42 weeks gestation). His little right foot was the shape of a club and was very good at getting lodged behind his right ear, which sort of made him 'rollable' from the very start.

He was a BEAUTIFUL baby! His proud big sister (who was 3 years and 8 months old) was very pleased and delighted.

He was an 'easy' baby... you know the kind... slept all night, nursed easily and fast, smiled and laughed.... just easy. As he grew, he was a soft big baby, all cuddles and sweetness. He grew fast and tall and was quite curious... He was very physical, crawling and walking early and very affectionate.

He did the things that boys do... and he did them well. We called poison control for the first time. We spent a lot of time at emergency rooms. We found him in odd places and needed to stay very alert to stay ahead of him.

He loved his sis... and she loved him.

And when he was 4, he became a big brother. He is an amazing big brother!

He explored the world and grew strong. He was a quiet sort of smart... observant and interested in the underlying questions.

He grew to be charming and a bit of a flirt. Full of fun!
His 'sport' was swim. His height, being such a strong point, that though he never seemed 'aggressive" in the pursuit of his goal, he did well. Admittedly, he never really got the 'dive' during those years , though now, his dive is beautiful.
To have been his parents has been one of the world's most amazing gifts. To watch him grow to become a man of grace and gentle strength is to understand the power of prayers answered.
To watch young adulthood unfold for him, as he fully takes the reigns on his own life and gains footing for the future is to see the circle of life in action.
For every moment of his life, from that spring morning to this one, we are grateful.

Happy Birthday, Son!


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday to my Bubba! Love, e

  2. That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.