Sunday, July 31, 2011

Current tomatoes

This summer, we've run an experiment with growing everything from seed.  And because of issues with our previous seed company, we decided to take a two pronged approach.
We ordered heirloom seed from a couple of different companies and we tried some 'cheap' seed from places like Dollar General and Walmart.

I'm sure I'll sit down, after the summer is done and size up what I think about the different approach.  I will say that this summer has been far less expensive from a standpoint of the garden input and while there's been serious heat, which has taken it's toll, I've been impressed with a few of these plants.

By far, the favorite fun new little tomato is the 'current' tomato. 

You can see it's size compared to a penny.  The little tomatoes are not only quite tiny, but they're absolutely packed with the most delicious flavor I've ever eaten in tomato form.  Their texture is different than other small tomatoes as well and is quite firm.  When you bite into the current tomato, they absolutely explode with flavor.
For the first week that any were ripening, we had a terrible time getting any into the house, but instead , stood and snacked on them in the garden, still warm from the sun.

They're very good in salads and in sauces and make the very best fresh out of hand snacks.
The tiny tomato comes from a delicate but rangy plant that has borne up well under the vicious sun and heat indexes of more than 100 degrees F for several weeks now.

The tiny current tomato will join our garden plan for years to come as it's proven itself for us this year.
Edited to add.  These seed came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Their website is

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