Monday, July 5, 2010


All of my children are river children.... The two who came as summer babies were in the river within a month of their birth.  The little girl child, who seldom slept, would be placed in the bottom of the canoe, on a pallet made of blankets, and she's be asleep in mere minutes. The water rocked her and we rested, in the canoe, in the sunshine, on the water.
The middle child was born in the earliest of spring, so his first excursions were simply walks to sit in the sunshine, while his sister caught tadpoles.
The youngest one really didn't get much 'baby' time.  He was happy to rock along with the family schedule and so, strapped to someone, he made the trip early and often.

From those days to now, there has been a certainty that my children will go to the river.  They've learned to swim there, and fished there, canoed and kayaked there.  They've sat and talked to their parents there, and their friends.

Sometimes, we float... which means you get an innertube and you toss teenagers in, and promise them that you'll pick them up later, downstream.

Today was one of those days.  Cool on the water, lazy summer afternoon... nothing else to do.

Savoring those days before school starts again, for their senior year.


  1. I admit I'm a bit jealous! But this weekend I'll be kayaking whitewater and camping in a mountain valley, so all will be good! :-) -Riverchild the First

  2. Riverchild the First,

    I am proud of you! I wish you happy whitewater for the weekend, and beautiful skies at night.

    ILY, mom