Friday, June 25, 2010

Epic farm girl 'fail'...

I have never been more shocked and embarrassed.


I took the as yet unnamed kitten to the vet for a check and shots.
And upon signing in and setting up a chart, I tell them that he's male.

And then they check... uhm.... no... we think this is a girl cat.

"What???" I say... I have lived on a farm all of my life!
That is a boy cat!

No... no... not at all!

To my defense, the vet, herself, had to get a bright light and a magnifying glass before she committed to the statement , " I believe that this one is likely female!"

It is a wee little cat and very, very fluffy (don't laugh, it's my only excuse!)

Thank goodness she's not been named Pablo...

I am still in a state of shock.  The 'man in love with cat', who found out by text message, because he wasn't answering frantic phone calls, made an extremely naughty response!

Pretty much, the kitten stole the show at the vets office.  Calm and loosely perched on my shoulder, she never dug those claws in or got tense, though she was the only kitten in a room full of barking dogs and the office staff thought she was the most adorable thing they'd seen in a while.  She walked around their desks and counters like she belonged there!

This is a small town vets office... and I knew a number of people there, and they knew me...

it's gonna be a long time before I live this one down!

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  1. That is a funny story! I enjoyed it. ~Julie~