Saturday, January 16, 2010

Home again...

What a crazy dichotomy this past week has been.  Story in the next post, but first some 'home keeping'.

It was truly wonderful to walk back through the front door last night.
Though first, I got to relish the joyous greeting of the dogs, who obviously both missed me and were glad for my return.  Nana did the perfect greeting.  She ran to the porch and sat beautifully, (though wiggling all about the tail and body frantically) and held up one single large paw.  Oh, man... what a beautiful welcome home.
There then ensued a rambunctious 'loving on mom' moment by all four dogs.  Even little blind Maggie, who will normally sit and wait, was intent upon getting her hugs. And Daisy actually howled!
I didn't realized how much I missed the dogs!~

Husband was happy to see me and had not shaved his beard.  Yeah... (I love beards!)
Visual inspection of him did not indicate anything had gone awry.  He bore up well under the responsibilities of both his job AND mine.

The kid tolerated my excessive hugging and questioning with all the excitement of any 16 year old... though I did not have to go looking for him.  He, too, looked none the worse for the week of 'no mom'.

Does this mean I can take a weeks 'vacation' often with no dire consequences???  hmmmmm.

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