Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Simple food

There are plenty of amazingly good food blogs out there. I'll admit to reading more than a few.
While I will probably share the occasional recipe, I find that I fly more by the seat of my pants when cooking than anything else. And my earliest life experiences with food were those of simple foods. Fresh food, simply prepared, very close from the origin of the food to the table. I find that suits me well, even now. Sometimes, I think that folks make things far too complicated. Okay... I'll admit to really enjoying a complicated recipe/menu, but for everyday, simple works for me. And I will admit to having an outrageous number of cookbooks, both newer ones and vintage ones.

Everyone who has ever been associated with the high school marching bands of the land (let's hear it for the band parents!) will recognize the remains of the ever present band citrus fundraiser.
Sometime ago, when I was unfortunately held captive by illness and incarcerated on my couch for a number of months, I watched a lot of PBS. There was an amazing demonstration of filleting an orange. There's not another way to put it, the man simply filleted the fruit. With an amazing speed and turn of knife, he flipped perfect sections of citrus , leaving behind very little waste.
So, one day, I tried it... and must admit the first orange or two didn't look pretty... not even close. But as all things do with practice, I was soon filleting fruit~! And I discovered something... my family, in it's entirety, eats FAR MORE fruit, when they find it, all beautiful and translucent in a jar in the fridge than when they have to tackle it into submission themselves.

It looks similar to the pricier 'fruit salads' that one finds in the refridgerated section of the grocers, but without any preservatives or any extended periods of time between it's processing plant and your table. I recommend it. Even if you don't have any band fruit on hand. Pick up some oranges and grapefruit and give it a shot.


Get a good knife, folks... it saves time and frustration and often it saves your fingers. This wonderfun knife was a gift from the son, who is so very much a knife freak. He was as a tiny little boy... and now his love of knives extends to me, in the form of gifts.


Another tip... to keep the cutting board from slipping, place a kitchen towel on the table first. A slightly damp towel works even better. Slippage is one of the things that assists in accidents.

To this amount of fruit, 1 pink grapefruit and two or three oranges, I put a teaspoon of demerara sugar. Shake it up to melt the sugar and pop that pretty jar of wholesome goodness into the fridge. Instant snacks... simple food.

You know you'd sooo get a spoon and go for it!~


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